The Celtic Performing Arts Centre at The College of Piping is usually a very vibrant and busy venue, filled with many performers and musicians using the stage to showcase their talents to full audiences.  The venue was ready to host a show earlier this year and the cast was in place for the final rehearsal with some specially invited guests in the crowd. It was an unusually eerie night.  The night was dark and quiet, the air was heavy. The performers were ready, the guests were ready.  The lights were lowered and the show began, but never finished. No one ever left the building, no one really knows what transpired and no bodies were ever found.  With the venue being closed for many months, some unruly patrons have taken up residence throughout the building.


As you may know, theatre staff all over the world tell tales of having ghosts haunting their venues, some are tall tales and some are true, but with our venue being only 2 years old, could we really have any ghosts haunting it?  The Celtic Performing Arts Centre at The College of Piping in fact, has been taken over by ghosts and scary creatures that travelled through a portal during the closure and welcome you to visit them in the Haunted Theatre.


Come for a tour and make friends with our new inhabitants...if you dare!

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